Many of people know that despite of the financial crisis in Europe that has also affected the Spanish economy, the Ibiza Property is still a good investment opportunity. However, not many are aware of the fact that the island of Ibiza is a diverse landscape which varies from region to region in price and return on investment over time.

Sure, the logical thing would be to purchase a beachfront property or one as close to the shore as possible, but prices for these top locations haven’t gone down even during the worst times of the property market in the whole of Spain. So chances you get a bargain deal on one of these are pretty slim.

In order to catch a special price, you have to look elsewhere. Here is how the rest of Ibiza looks like in terms of the property map: the north-western part of the island is characterized by old towns, which are full of narrow, cobbled streets and small houses among which you’ll find locally bars and taverns that serve locally produced wines. Also in the north, there are the mountains which offer some spectacular backdrops with plenty of hiking and cycling possibilities.