The new price list of T-mobile shows that the subscriptions with 0 & 2 gigabytes have been deleted. Also the subscription with data and call minutes in the United States no longer exists. Want to know more about what this means for you? Read on now to know more about sim only goedkoopste vergelijken

Removed T-mobile subscriptions

The 0 & 2 gigabyte subscriptions can no longer be taken out from 9 September. This means that a mobile subscription with only calls can no longer be taken out with T-mobile. In addition, the USA unlimited subscription in its entirety has expired.

With the disappearance of the only calling subscription, the cheapest subscription is now € 12.50. You will get 1 GB of data and 120 call minutes per month. Would you like to know which subscription type of t-mobile suits you best? Check all sim only subscriptions of T-mobile.

Changed subscriptions

The Go Unlimited subscription is now really unlimited. Whereas previously €35,- had to be paid for unlimited calling, with a new subscription you only pay €30,- for unlimited internet and unlimited calling. It can be even cheaper if you combine the subscription with one other subscription at the same address. You will then receive a €5 discount and pay only €25 per month.

Gigabyte supplementer

In addition to the above changes, the 250 MB MB add-on for € 2.50 has also been discontinued. If you find it necessary to supplement your data bundle, you can do so from now on with 500 MB. You pay €5,- for this. Before that time you will receive a warning SMS when you reach 80% of your data and when you fully use your data.

No data add-on?

Don’t want to add to your data bundle, no problem. With T-mobile you can choose for a reduced internet speed free of charge. With the data bundles of 1 & 5 GB, the internet speed is reduced to a speed with which you can WhatsAppen and e-mail. Watching videos and listening to music are no longer possible.

Do you have a 10GB data bundle, but have you gone over it? The Internet speed is reduced to a speed that allows you to WhatsAp, email and listen to music. Watching videos is no longer possible.