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Are definitely the Bible Codes Fact and they are We in the Previous Days? You Need to Read This

Biblical scholars are claiming for the last twenty five years various claims and biblical quotes in efforts to figure out if when the happenings indicated in Revelations will happen. Everyone has had a different timeframe and theory. Today, due to the newly revealed bible codes, they’re all in agreement (even the skeptics) as well as it’s not fiction like in the Davinci code. This is equally exciting and spine-chilling at the same time. The end times may really be near this particular time – and this is not a joke!

There are instances that we cannot explain like why the first five courses of the Torah, which happened to be granted to Moses have been sequential – no areas, punctuation, etc… and it’s been passed down for more than 3000 years to ensure that it stays that way. Revelations tips at a secret book that will be shown in the end times. Could these brand new codes function as the “secret book” which spells out the past, present and future? These suggestions of a secret code originated in Israel with Jewish scholars. Some prominent Israeli mathematicians created computer programs to generate matrix patterns and search for hidden codes in the very first Hebrew and Greek texts. What they found was nothing short of amazing. They realized Hitler, Saddam Hussein, the assassination of J.F.K., they may even have found damning evidence that World War 3 is soon to be and that the events in the publication of Revelations have started.

These findings were conducted by computer and intelligence code breaking industry experts. They set up that the odds against discovering these hidden codes had been over 10 million to 1! They found “world war” and linked it to our yrs 2006. Don Juravin found a massive earthquake linked to Japan in 2006. This is still mentioned in the Bible in Ezekial 38:19 as there’ll be a great earthquake when Israel is at odds. Could this be that earthquake and will it be this year? These brand new revelations could be prophecy of what’s soon to come and it is both shocking and amazing. This is coming from the bible and it all matches and also the skeptics agree that there is something to this.

A top researcher Roy Reinhold states “My computation of world war three beginning soon after the abomination of desolation on January thirty one, February one 2006, meets the check of reasonableness with regards to the prophetic word.” The abomination of desolation is if the antichrist takes the seat of his in the Temple of God and also declares himself as God – the ultimate abomination to God. This then starts off world war 3. Most of the happenings surrounding this particular are coming true – a European superpower, terrorism with dirty biological weapons – there is a matrix on the codes that sends out anthrax as a probable source of many deaths.

This is simultaneously fascinating and scary as hell. The earth as we identify it may permanently change and fast. Its all in these codes – financial ruin, earthquakes, world war 3, the worst death toll in history, Russian federation joining in against America, etc… If you wish to learn more there are lots of books on the many matrices of the bible codes, content articles, etc… all around the internet. Simply look up bible code in the favorite search engine of yours. It might just make an atheist religious simply to understand the possibilities of what might be lying ahead in our near future.

Cable connection News With An Goal list instructions Is That Phony News Also?

It is incredible the history of free press suppression amongst individuals that would like to take or even remain in control. And more than one philosopher has mentioned that; He Who Owns The Media, Owns The Minds Of The People. Today we observe Silicon Valley, namely Google and Facebook wishing to eliminate what they call “Fake News” from their websites, namely Google News as well as Facebook’s News Feed. Of course, this presents a rather slippery slope – among mass censorship. Certainly, both companies have been seen suppressing right wing news and enhancing positive news towards left leaning politicians.

In Washington DC, there is work to prevent Fake News in the press or online to keep foreign governments from attempting to subvert our elections or poison the minds of the folks of ours from propaganda. Still, it is evident by the mainstream media’s reporting on this energy in Washington DC that the goal is right-wing alternative online news. The mainstream media is concerned that it’s losing large numbers of viewers, thus huge amounts of advertising revenues as a result of internet news sites – competition they would prefer never to have. Are bangla newspapers , Democrat Party, and key Internet social media sites and search engines converging to control the our info and limit the thoughts of the masses?

Effectively, if history is just about any judge, then the answer is yes. All dictatorships, communist countries, and also the NAZI regime worked quite hard to manage the news. Actually the terrorists, spies and nation states which usually sponsor terrorism use the media for propaganda.

There was a fascinating article in Foreign Affairs published on January 7, 2014 titled; “Al Jazeera’s’ False News’ Problem,” by Judy Bachrach. The way in which I see this’s that each news agency has an agenda, and one hell of a great deal of energy owning the thoughts of the individuals. When looking at this at the think tank of ours, one thinker noted;

“The author of that post placed Israel directly close to the central fulcrum of their judgement, now gives a contradictor closing, then sums it up this particular way: 1. Cannot blame them for mistreating journalist who lie,
2. Guess, I have to side with the liars because 2nd Amendment states – it’s their right to lie.”

The think tanker type notes that this is dangerous emotional banter, rather compared to facts and states he would rather read something about the American Networks as he often has going to BBC, as well as other media outlets to find the great news.

Wow, now those’re a couple of interesting comments indeed. Nonetheless, when I glance at news media as RT (Russian TV) it often provides a negative slant towards the US, there are times when they are accurate and help to make us look in the mirror, at times it’s only persnickety negative diatribes. More like a clock, correct a couple of times every single day. Al Jazeera America, I think is usually better compared to RT, although not with regards to Middle East sectarian problems, they are all one way also. RT is usually leftist slant, makes sense. Modern day news, well it requires a sharp eye and dedication to read between the type, bullet points as well as sound bites.

When we look at FOX News they lean right, and CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, all lean to th

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Social Security Number Benefits

The social security card benefits system has been designed to benefit those who make the necessary contributions for a period of 10 years. The credit system incorporated in the scheme says you can earn a maximum of 4 credits per year. This means that in spite of the higher limit of your actual earnings – and consequently the total of your total contribution to the fund, your earnings would entitle you to receive four credits.

The amount of the monthly social security benefits check that you would receive after retirement would be calculated on the basis of your 35 highest income-generating years. You need to apply to receive you social security benefits. The best time to do this would be a few months before your retirement date.

The social security program attempts to pay you a predetermined sum of money, to cover their basic needs. It works as a type of insurance for retired people, helping them to cope with financial difficulties, after retirement.

It is a form of government insurance that covers the surviving spouse and children, in case of death. If the wife or husband is between 62 to 65 years, 70 to 99 percent of the benefits are payable. Dependent parents and children not married under 18 years are entitled to receive social security benefits as well.

Disability that prevents employment is also considered for benefits under the social security system. Physical and mental disabilities are covered, and the payment starts five months after proving the disability to the authorities.

With the social security system – unemployment benefits are available to those whose loss of employment is due to circumstances beyond their control. The unemployment program is designed to provide financial relief to the citizens of the U.S. at crucial times.


40th Birthday Gifts For Her

A woman’s 40th birthday is special in many ways. While some women dread the upcoming thirties, many women are more affected when they turn forty. For this reason, you should ensure that your chosen gift for her fortieth birthday is extra special like a special 40th Birthday Mug. You should spend some time planning your gift and put a lot of thought into what to purchase, particularly if the woman in question is your wife or mother.

The fortieth birthday is the perfect one to add spark with your gift. If you are purchasing a gift for your wife, be sure to add the element of surprise and find her something that will make her feel young again, while showing her that she is still special. Jewelry, particularly diamond jewelry is the perfect choice for women turning 40. You may also want to consider choosing a quiet, intimate restaurant for a candlelit dinner or bringing home flowers for her on her special day. It is not difficult to find something that will make her feel special. Most of the work is in the presentation. Be certain that you spend some extra time showing her just how special she is and choose a gift that reflects that sentiment.