Some people also wonder if this is possible. Of course it is and every lending company offers this option to its customers. However, there are certain limitations which come in the form of additional fees. That is, you will have t spend more money on repaying the loan. The reason is obvious – the lending company will be ‘short of’ the amount of your loan. Thus, they impose further fees. However, the fees will vary from company to company. For instance, let us consider a case where a customer has taken £200. On average, the total of the interest rate and the fees is £25.  Thus, you owe a total of £225 to the lending company. However, if you realize that will not be able to pay the whole amount with you next paycheck and ask the company for another month of repayment period, then you will be charged additional £25 and your debt will then be £250.


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This can eventually turn into an endless magical circle and you may end up with a debt so large that you never even imagined. You can never know what sort of situation may come up and if you keep prolonging the payback period the fees will just pile up and – £25 plus £25 plus £25 and so on, in time you will owe double the primary amount of the loan.

All in all, this article hopefully cleared the meaning of ‘renew’ when payday loans are concerned. Although it might be necessary for some people to renew their loans, it is highly advisable that they do not do it and try to pay the loan back in some way for otherwise, the outcome may not be very convenient. In fact, it is not so terribly dangerous if you act carefully and think wisely before you make your next step.