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The Uppababy Vista Double Strollers is designed to grow with your child from a toddler, to toddler again, to an infant and finally a child of its own. The double uppababy strollers are lightweight which is another plus point, and it is very easy to load and unload the double stroller Check this review. It also comes with an attached tray for easy storage and convenient use.

Check this review – Best Single to Double Strollers ( Nuna Demi Grow | UPPAbaby Vista | Bugaboo Donkey | Coast )

This Uppababy Vista Double Strollers review is for the first model of the double stroller that I purchased. It was a good purchase, but I decided to upgrade to the double stroller double uppababy. The double uppababy stroller is extremely well constructed and is made in the UK.

I like that it is able to transition from a single frame, to a twin, and then into a double when your child is no longer walking. I find this design very convenient because it is so easy to take out, fold up, and bring it in and out of the car and into the house. The double uppababy is ideal for twins, as it allows you to fold it up flat, and then keep it on the floor, where it will not get in the way of other furniture.