If you expect changes in the near future, take this into account when taking out the loan. Are you moving soon? Is there a realistic chance that you will become unemployed? Is there a child on the way? Will one of your children soon be studying and/or living in rooms? In all these situations, remember that you will probably have less money to spend each month.

You can sometimes take out an insurance policy to cover the risk that you will no longer be able to cover the monthly costs in the event of unemployment, disability or the death of your partner. Remember, however, that these are often very expensive insurances for what you get in return. We always advice you to do research when you start with geld lenen zonder BKR to make sure you get what you want.

Duration and type of loan

Borrowing money costs money. Therefore, never borrow longer than necessary. Choose a type of loan that suits the purpose for which you want to borrow.

  • To buy a car, a loan with monthly repayments is a logical choice. After all, the car is becoming worth less and less. Make sure that the loan also becomes less and less, preferably at least equally descending. If you think that the car will last for (another) five years, make sure that the loan is repaid within five years.
  • If you borrow because you need extra money for a short period of time, make sure that you can repay it quickly. If your near financial future is unclear, make sure you have flexibility. If it is not as easy as it should be, you can start repaying less, if it is not as bad as it should be, then it will be quicker to do so.

Form of interest for your loans

Is the interest rate fixed or variable? And if it is fixed, is it fixed for the entire term of the loan?

Beware of a so-called entry-level interest rate. This often low interest rate is primarily intended to attract new customers. After the action period, the interest rate is often considerably higher, which means that the advantage is often quickly cancelled out.

  • In itself, a variable interest rate or entry rate is not wrong. Certainly not if you have the flexibility to be able to repay or transfer the loan. Then temporarily taking advantage of a low interest rate can be smart. However, if the loan lacks this flexibility, you will only be able to use a variable interest rate or an entry-level interest rate.
  • A fixed interest rate provides more certainty about the costs of the loan and whether you can continue to pay them. You know in advance where you stand.