Parenting is not a cake walk; you have to give your time, energy and brains if you want to be a good parent. In early days of your child when he is an infant, you woke up with your baby through the nights; when he is a toddler, and then a school goer you performed your responsibilities with perfection. And then the time comes when your growing baby enters the most crucial age of his life, the teenage. Teenage is a time when you need to build up a friendly relation with your kid for this age is characterized by mental, spiritual and intellectual growth of your child; most significantly, a time when your child would turn into an n individual. It is a time when a parent has to act like a brother, sister, teacher and friend to get a better understanding of his kid’s thoughts. If you consider some major facts while parenting your teens, you may help building a definite character of your child as a human being. The bottom line is that be there for your teens, always and in any case.


Show your teens that he is the most important and lovable person in your life and you consider his likes and dislikes most. If you succeed in maintaining a good bond of friendship with your teen, you will be a success as a parent, for your teenage child would like to share what he feels about a particular situation or a person. Break the generation gap you both share with each other, discuss with him the most unwanted topics if you have to do it. If he commits mistakes, make it possible for him to learn through his errors by himself, for it will eventually help him learning some lessons. All you can do is to give your time to your youth; tell him that you are always there at their back to help them. Do not scold them on their frustrated behavior for it is a phase they themselves will learn to overcome. Help them experimenting with ideas and things, so that they can learn to distinguish between what is wrong and what is right. Do not be upset, if your teens show the wavering characteristics of moodiness or steadiness; after all he is growing up with a character. Your presence with your teens will be a gift of you for them in this long and hectic job. Try to participate with your teens in activities your teens like to play and enjoy; listen to him what he says, pay attention where he is going but do not interfere in his actions until some serious or immoral thing is not happening by him.